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  • Community Events

    Lye Brook Wilderness
    5-27-15 12:15 pm - Cumnock Turf Fields
    The Leisurely Backpackers (Women Only)

    Information obtained at Meetings... Members Attending: 3. Clara

    Wed Morning Majj
    5-27-15 12:15 pm - Cumnock Turf Fields
    Mah Jongg in Cambridge and Beyond

    This is a group of independent players (intermediate through highly experienced).  Not suitable for beginners. You only need to RSVP if it's YES. Please bring your set and card, if you have them.

    Wednesday Lunchtime Soccer (OUTDOOR)
    5-27-15 12:15 pm - Cumnock Turf Fields
    Lunchtime Soccer Boston

    NUTSHELL - every week day, 12:15ish until 1:45ish, Cumnock Turf Fields at Harvard Stadium, games of 4v4 up to 10v10 or larger depending on who shows, bring a white shirt and a dark/colored shirt (but not a gray one), almost never canceled,...

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